Which Premier League Teams are Most and Least Clinical in Front of Goal?

As this most surprising and unforgettable Premier League season draws to its conclusion, SportsMatrix examined how each team performed in front of goal. Whilst goals scored from attempts on goal have been included in this report, in general where a goal was scored without it originating from a shot or header, for example where a cross was accidentally deflected into goal then these goals have been excluded.

Only eight teams recorded a higher than average number of shots per game, with Tottenham Hotspur (17.4) and Liverpool (16.8) having by far most attempts on goal. Manchester United (11.7) were one of 12 teams to record a below average number of shots per game, whilst it’s no surprise that rock bottom Aston Villa (10.4), their West Midlands neighbours West Bromwich Albion (10.5) and relegation threatened Newcastle United (10.6) averaged fewest attempts on goal.

When looking only at those attempts which posed a significant threat on goal, the league’s most dangerous teams were Everton and Arsenal with just under a third of their goal attempts being close to a goal; whilst Aston Villa once again languished bottom of this league with only 19% of their shots close to being a goal, with Bournemouth (22%) in their first season in the Premier League only slightly more threatening in front of goal.

The teams scoring most goals from their attempts were Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur (68 and 67 respectively); whilst Premier League champions Leicester City were the most clinical, with 13% of their attempts ending in a goal, compared to 12% from Manchester City and West Ham United and 10% from Tottenham. Aston Villa once again held up the entire league with fewest goals from goal attempts and with the lowest percentage (7%) of their attempts ending in a goal. Only marginally better than Aston Villa were Watford, Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion all of whom converted only 8% of their attempts into goals.

A combination of rock solid defending and clinical efficiency helped take Leicester City to the league title, with 95% of their goals scored from inside the penalty area, whilst they managed only three goals from shots from outside the 18 yard box, equal with West Bromwich Albion and one more goal than the two scored from outside the box by Watford. Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Arsenal scored slightly fewer goals than Leicester City from inside the area, with Arsenal’s 54 goals accounting for 93% of their goals.

Aston Villa scored fewest goals from inside the penalty area (20), but their six from outside the area accounted for the highest percentage (23%) of goals scored by any Premier League team. The highest number of goals from outside the penalty area were scored by Manchester City and Liverpool (12), with the latter’s accounting for 21% of all of their goals. West Ham scored 10 times from outside the area, whilst Tottenham and Chelsea both scored nine times from distance.

In conclusion this report reveals that even in such an unpredictable season as in this season’s Premier League, it is the team which has been most effective in converting its goal scoring chances into goals which has run away with the title, whilst the team holding up the other 19 is the one that has been least effective in front of goal.

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