Sportsmatrix was founded upon the belief that in order to succeed you need not only information, but the right kind of information. This is particularly true in the field of sports analysis

our team of professional analysts boasts extensive experience in diverse positions in the sports industry and utilizes advanced technological systems and platforms to make sure that our clients succeed.

Rather than bombard our clientele with a sea of information which is both difficult to navigate and often contains irrelevant data, Sportsmatrix offers solutions tailored to the specific needs and ambitions of our clients. Through such personal understanding, we establish partnerships for the future based on trust, expertise, professionalism, and most importantly – accurate and relevant analysis.





Richard Garside

Sometimes it’s a struggle to juggle multiple hobbies, including a huge passion for sport and occasional appearances as a DJ!

But I can always make time for football, with a particular interest in the historical and statistical side of the sport.

From football I have become familiar with both joy and sorrow, supporting Manchester United as well as my local club, Altrincham FC!




Jonathan Perez 

Football writer and analyst. Have followed the beautiful game for more than 50 years and witnessed the beautiful, the ugly and everything in-between. Always objective in my analysis, even though my obsession is a team in blue.






Alan Wigman

Like many a young boy in England, I wanted to play football, but religious circumstances and a lack of talent, put paid to that.
I always harboured a dream to do something sports related and I realized that when I managed the local team in an 35′s league.
I enjoy writing about sports with a focus on analytics, especially football and cricket but strangely for an Englishman also American Football.


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